Dead Sea hostel

Bright sun, amazing mountain view and countless colours reflected on the sea surface, as you lie peacefully on your back and float upon the water. This is just the tip of the iceberg (or of the pillar of salt), when it comes to the dead sea experience. Whether it is summer or winter, there is never a dull moment in Israel’s very own wonder of the world. To make sure you make the best out of your stay, it is time to find your perfect Dead Sea hostel that will serve as your new home in the holy land. 

Dead Sea hostel: Discover a unique natural phenomenon

You may not be able to walk on water, but the unique qualities of the dead sea may allow you to lie on the water. One of the facts that most attracts tourists to the Dead Sea is the ability to float on the water without any effort. This is possible thanks to the salt content in the water, which is much higher compared to regular seawater.   

Take it all in and bring it home with you

The health benefits of Dead Sea mud have been known around the world for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians embalmed their bodies in the unique mud which is rich in minerals. Today, thousands of tourists from all over the world rediscover its qualities. So come on, smear your body with nutrients or purchase various products derived from it. 

Your ideal Dead Sea hostel

Don’t limit this experience to a mere stop on your way. Take your time and make the best of it. To make your stay as enjoyable as possible, “The lowest place in the world” invites you to find your new home in the desert. Stay right by the sea and enjoy the silence at affordable prices. Contact us now to book your new Dead Sea hostel.

ציון בבוקינג- בית הארחה המקום הנמוך בעולם


Dead Sea lodge

One of the most fantastic and sought-after destinations for vacations in Israel is none other than the Dead Sea. Before you find the ideal Dead Sea lodge and book your next vacation – there are a few things you should consider. So, grab a pen and take some notes for your perfect Dead Sea vacation. 

Make sure you pack everything to Dead Sea lodge

Besides your basic vacation items such as bathing suits, towels, sunscreen and toiletries, there are some items that can make your stay at the Dead Sea area more enjoyable. A floating mattress and sunglasses can help you make the best out of the floating experience and will keep you safe from the merciless sun. If you are going to stay in a hotel or hostel, you should find out in advance what products and equipment will be waiting for you in the room. 

 What are you planning to do in the Dead Sea lodge?

There are not too many hang-out spots in the Dead Sea. Most of the time, we will find that a casual outfit will be appropriate for most occasions in the area. Still, if you are planning to go out to a restaurant in the evening, you bring an elegant outfit.

You should also plan your trip schedule in advance, including the places you would like to see along the way, as this will help you make an accurate equipment list.

Find a proper Dead Sea lodge

Now that your route is planned and all your gear is packed, all that is left is to choose where you will spend your next vacation at the Dead Sea. “The Lowest Place in the World” is a Dead Sea lodge that gives you the full experience. Our staff is available to you around the clock for every need. Our in-depth knowledge about the area allows us to help many families plan the perfect trip for them. We will be happy to accompany you in this exciting experience.


Dead Sea Zimmer

At the heart of the Judean Desert, on the very border with the kingdom of Jordan, lies the lowest place in the world. At 420 meters below sea level, stretches a vast sea of salt that is the stuff of legends since biblical times. There is really nothing that compares to the sensation you might get from floating easily on your back upon the salty water, taking in the humbling mountain view. Now, you have the chance to stay in the Dead Sea area in an intimate and quiet accommodation without spending a fortune. Meet your ideal Dead Sea Zimmer.

Why is it called dead anyway?

The high salt content in the water makes the Dead Sea an unsuitable environment for all life forms, hence its name The Dead Sea. This means that apart from avid bathers, you will not be able to find in the Dead Sea even a remnant of marine life or vegetation.

Dead Sea Zimmer: Immerse yourself in a hearty dose of health

Along the Dead Sea shores, lie springs endowed with medicinal properties. This fact has made the Dead Sea one of the most important resorts in the world, attracting every year countless tourists from around the world who come to indulge in the special spas. In the Dead Sea itself, you can find an abundance of minerals of various types, some of which are essential minerals with healing properties, including sodium, sulfur, iodine, zinc, chlorine, and calcium.

A Dead Sea Zimmer that gives your money’s worth

“The Lowest Place in the World” offers the perfect Dead Sea experience. Our unique Dead Sea Zimmer is surrounded by the natural beauty that includes a hidden spring, caves, and streams. Our team is always at your service and will be glad to help you book some leading attractions in the area such as Ein Gedi, Ein Bokek, or a trip to Masada. Contact us now to learn more.

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